22 May 2017

The new Moo cards have arrived

I’ve underestimated Moo. Typically I opt for

22 May 2017

I’ve underestimated Moo. Typically I opt for the fully custom process, so that I control paper, inks, etc. When using 4-color, I’ve had varying degrees of success; usually accepting that the process is cheap, but limited.

Thought I would give Moo a try, despite their higher price point, and I am really thrilled with the result. The feel of the cards is so good it makes you want to not put them down. Colors and sharpness on the smooth stock looked great and the way you can create different backs for all the cards is impressive. I was in a hurry, but used it to make a variety of color variations.

I researched square cards online and decided to try them. Chose rounded corners too. I love them! Card art looks great, but not sure how recipients feel about the uncommon size. Haven’t found a good card holder yet either. That said, totally pleased with this set! Thanks Moo!

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