Licensing Expo 2017
05 Jun 2017
05 Jun 2017

We attended the Licensing Expo 2017 in Las Vegas to prepare for how to exhibit well in 2018. Met some great people and learned a lot. I have a lot of experience working on other people’s brands, but need experience with my own now, so the show was an eye-opener. I expected a lot of activity but thought I could get through the show pretty quickly…nope. It was huge!

It was visual overload. Cute characters everywhere. The Asian cute style still pervades the market. There were well known players everywhere, like lime Friends and Miffy, and a lot of Asian brands I didn’t recognize, but that looked very similar.I was often surprised at some brands that I never imagined had licensing programs. The global nature was on display too. I loooove this Lime Friends beer label. Hey kids, hope it’s root beer!

Naturally, I hoped I might make a few side connections that would propel my own brand content (referred to as IP by show goers) but mostly I saw people getting work done in a hurry. It was definitely good advice to see the show before exhibiting. We have a more realistic idea of what people want to see, and how to get in front of them.

One highlight, I got to sit and talk with the legendary Paul Frank, who was manning a little workshop in the Saban exhibit. Super humble guy that seems to just want to make stuff. It was super cool. We made these little wallets with his own printed materials, and even though it must be tough to slave in the booth day after day, he was a really gracious to everyone. I was impressed! Here’s a snap that made my day!



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